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How Do People Move Around? National Data on Transport Modal Shares for 131 Countries
  The COVID-19 pandemic has brought global mobility into the spotlight, with well over 100 countries having instituted either a full or partial lockdown by April 2020. Reduced mobility, whilst causing social and economic impacts, can also be beneficial for the environment and future studies will surely quantify such environmental gains. However, accurate quantification is intimately linked to good quality data on transport modal shares, as passenger cars and public transport have significantly different emissions profiles. Herein, we compile a currently lacking dataset on global modal transport shares for 131 countries. Notably, these are the countries covered by the Google Community Mobility Reports (plus Russia and China for their global relevance), thus allowing for a smooth integration between our dataset and the rich information offered by the Google Community Mobility Reports, thus enabling analysis of global emissions reductions due to mobility restrictions. Beyond the current pandemic, this novel dataset will be helpful to practitioners and academics alike working in transport research.

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    18 June 2020

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    Edinburgh Napier Funded


Fountas, G., Sun, Y., Akizu-Gardoki, O., & Pomponi, F. (2020). How Do People Move Around? National Data on Transport Modal Shares for 131 Countries. World, 1(1), 34-43.



global mobility; transport modal share; COVID-19; Google Community Mobility Reports

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