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Java: an explosion on the Internet.

  Summer 1995 saw the release, with considerable media attention, of draft versions of Sun Microsystems' Java language and the HotJava browser. In the past few months Java has been heralded as the latest "killer" technology in the Internet explosion. Licensing terms have been agreed between Sun and numerous companies including Microsoft, IBM and Netscape.

Java is set to change the way that people interact with Intra/Internet. Discussed in this paper are:

how a domestic interface development tool became an Internet product;
the Java environment and related products: HotJava; Java Virtual Machine; JavaOS and JavaChips;
Java's strengths as a developer and user tool: platform independence; programming quality; object-orientation; security; commercial promise; application integration;
Java's competitors: ActiveX and Inferno;
Java applications: cybertrade; corporate information flow; information services specific projects.

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Read, T. & Hall, H. (1995). Java: an explosion on the Internet. In Raitt, D. I. & Jeapes, B. (Eds.). Proceedings of the 20th International Online Meeting, 49-55



application development; information retrieval; Java; network computing; programming languages;

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