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Measuring ICD-11 Adjustment Disorder: The Development and Initial Validation of the International Adjustment Disorder Questionnaire

  Background: Adjustment disorder (AjD) is one of the most frequently used diagnoses in psychiatry but a diagnostic definition for AjD was only introduced in release of the ICD-11. This study sought to develop and validate a new measure operationalizing the ICD-11’s narrative description of AjD, and to determine the current rate of people meeting the symptoms indicative of AjD in the general population of the Republic of Ireland.
Methods: The International Adjustment Disorder Questionnaire (IADQ) was constructed to measure the core diagnostic criteria of ICD-11 AjD: stressor exposure, preoccupations with, and failure to adapt to, the stressor, timing of symptom onset, and functional impairment. A nationally representative sample (N = 1,020) of adults from Ireland completed the IADQ.
Results: Confirmatory factor analysis supported construct validity and the reliability estimates were excellent. The IADQ correlated strongly with depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress. The criteria were met by 7.0% of the sample, adjusted for other exclusionary disorders.
Discussion: The IADQ is a measure based on the ICD-11’s description and produces reliable scores, however it should not be used for clinical assessment until validated with clinical interviews.

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    12 November 2019

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    In Press

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    RA790 Mental health

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    616.8 Nervous & mental disorders

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Shevlin, M., Hyland, P., Ben-Ezra, M., Karatzias, T., Cloitre, M., Vallières, F., …Maercker, A. (in press). Measuring ICD-11 Adjustment Disorder: The Development and Initial Validation of the International Adjustment Disorder Questionnaire. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica,



Adjustment disorder (AjD); ICD-11; The International Adjustment Disorder Questionnaire

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