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Miniatures for Horn Trio.
  This three movement work was first performed by members of the Research Ensemble at the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival, 26 February 2010.

Material from the first movement reappears in the second and third in various guises. The second movement is dedicated to the choreographer, Merce Cunningham, and the constant piano part with pedal sustained throughout is a reference to the fluidity of dance. As a contrast to this there are passages of imitation between the horn and violin, some more audible than others, which are included as an acknowledgement of the intimate relationship which exists between co-dancers on stage.

The third movement is dedicated to John Cage (Cunningham's partner) and, while the piano sustains chords (reworking content from the first movement), the gestures in the other parts loosely follow the outline of sections of one of Cage's watercolours, River Rocks and Smoke no.6. Much of my music is inspired by visual art and, having admired Cage's music and writings since by student days, it seemed appropriate after dedicating the second movement to Cunningham, to turn to Cage's art work in the final part of the composition.

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    26 February 2010

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    M1 Music

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    780 Music


Burton, K. (2010). Miniatures for Horn Trio. Plymouth, UK



Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival; horn trio;

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