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On temporal versioning in object oriented databases.

  This paper describes the development of
the data model TVM which contains a new concept,
temporal versioning. This generalises the ideas of
temporal databases and version management to
object-oriented databases. TVM provides a new
approach for data modelling and management; it
allows the user to define a multi-dimensional
temporal storage space and to model the evolution of
objects within that space. It supports historical
versions and alternative versions of objects at
instance level and as well as schema level.
as how these different solutions can be combined have
not yet been tackled. Many applications require
databases that support both temporal data and version
management (such as design of engineering objects).
Figure 1 shows a Car-Manufacturing Database. There
are several types of lock which can be used in this car
model. These locks are an alternatives of each other
and valid at same time. The historical information of
engine design is important, the updated data is need
to be preserved. It is considered historical (temporal)

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    30 September 1996

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    Gesellschaft Inf

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    QA76 Computer software

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    005 Computer programming, programs & data


Lu, J., Barclay, P. J., & Kennedy, J. (1996). On temporal versioning in object oriented databases. Informationssystem-Architekturen, 3, 38-40



Data modelling; Data management; Temporal Version Management model; Combined approach; Temporal data; Version management; Object oriented databases; Applications; Object evolution; Historical versions; Alternative versions;

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