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OR and Grand Challenges: The Future of Mobility and Healthy Aging?

  When launched in 2017 the future UK Industrial Strategy focused on one shortcoming and four Grand Challenges for the UK as the first industrialised nation. The shortcoming we need address is productivity, in the widest sense, increasing this from the aspect of ideas, people, places, infrastructure and the business environment. Of the four future Grand Challenges [i] Future of Mobility, [ii] Clean Growth, [iii] Healthy Ageing, [iv] AI/data, for OR61 we have decided to look at two specifically: Future of Mobility and Healthy Aging. From the perspective of the Future of Mobility we want to understand how we can use road space for trucks more effectively in Kent. Up to 5,500 trucks per day travel each way through Kent and from France. One small delay at the port or tunnel quickly results in long queues and delays.

We will hear from those responsible for managing the impact of this congestion. We would like to learn from you how a more proactive, systems approach to our challenge might help. In the case of Healthy Ageing we do not believe we handle the process of ageing in the best way for the individual or the economy. Research has shown us that maintaining social networks and keeping active helps. So would a more graduated, flexible approach to care, tailored to the individual. We would like to understand how a personal plan that is effective, is of value to the economy can help us lead fulfilled lives. We'll help our guests to structure, analyse and respond to the challenge(s) posed. The feasibility of each action will be considered as a potential Pro Bono project, research funding bids, consultancy projects and/or student projects.

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    03 September 2019

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    Edinburgh Napier Funded


Weaver, M., & Barnes, S. (2019, September). OR and Grand Challenges: The Future of Mobility and Healthy Aging?. Presented at Operational Research Society Conference



grand challenges; operational research; Kent; future of mobility; healthy ageing

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