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Protecting Civilians from Cyber Warfare with Cyber Buffer Zones
  Cyber peacekeeping has quickly risen in prominence as a viable way to regulate the impact cyber warfare has upon civilian security. In this article, the concept of a cyber buffer zone is explored, and proposals are made on how it could be used to further the goals of a cyber peacekeeping operation. The article suggests what the goals of a cyber buffer zone could be, and translates the activities of a traditional UN buffer zone into a cyber warfare context. It is shown that many of the activities translate well, and that there is true value to be found in a cyber buffer zone. Whilst valuable, it is noted that many challenges await those tasked with implementing such an idea. However, by beginning the debate today the authors can give peacekeeping organisations and the international community as a whole the best opportunity to be prepared for what cyber warfare will bring.

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    01 January 2019

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    IGI Global

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    Historic Funder (pre-Worktribe)


Robinson, M., Maglaras, L., Jones, K., & Janicke, H. (2019). Protecting Civilians from Cyber Warfare with Cyber Buffer Zones. International Journal of Smart Security Technologies, 6(1), 31-48.


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