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Providing views and closure for the ODMG object model.

  The ODMG Object Model uses a standard for object-oriented database designers,
while attempting to address some issues of interoperability. This research is focused
on the viability of using the ODMG data model as a canonical data model in a
multidatabase environment, and where weaknesses are identified we have proposed
amendments to enable the model to suit the specific needs of this type of distributed
database system. This paper describes our eorts to extend its relational style alge-bra,
and to provide query closure and a viewing mechanism for OQL to construct
multidatabase schemas.


Roantree, M., Kennedy, J., & Barclay, P. J. (1999). Providing views and closure for the ODMG object model. Information and Software Technology, 41, 1037-1044. doi:10.1016/S0950-5849(99)00042-7



Object oriented database design; Federated databases; Distributed databases; ODMG object model application; Object query language; Relational algebra; Query closure;

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