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Scenarios for Companions.

  This paper is concerned with understanding the needs ofCompanion owners (the people formerly known as ‘users’) and in how thoserequirements can be represented, with the whole interaction design, with how the Companion will learn, or be instructed, so that the interaction can be personalised tothe indi-vidual. We are concerned with the whole interaction experience and with how the different components fit together.
In this paper we outline the evolution of companion technologies and concepts and attempt to identify the characteristics of companions. This leads into a discussion on designing for relationships followed by an outline of an example of our design methodologies and explorations. Finally some companion spe-cific examples are presented; a mobile assistant for older people, a health and fitness companion and a photo companion.

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Benyon, D. & Mival, O. (2007). Scenarios for Companions. In Austrian Artificial Intelligence Workshop, Vienna, September 2008, 1-38



Companions; HCI; relationships; interaction design; PhotoPal; presence;

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