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Sharing Assessment across Institutions and VLEs.

  IMS Question and Test Interoperability version 2.1 (QTI 2.1) provides
a flexible and powerful way of specifying computer delivered assessment
questions and tests in an XML format that can be used by different
delivery systems, including Moodle. There are currently three JISC-funded projects on QTI: QTIDI, Uniqurate and QTI-PET, and it is the latter which Edinburgh Napier University is involved in. This work is now at the stage of being tested by interested parties at various institutions (see author list above) , and it is this work that is being presented.

At Edinburgh Napier, an existing on-line test which assesses standard grade mathematics has been rewritten in QTI format. The individual questions will be made available for use by the other partners, and it is envisaged that next academic year (2014/2015) the QTI test will run for the first time as part of a module assessment package.

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    Conference Paper (unpublished)

  • Date:

    10 September 2013

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    Sigma, CETL, MSOR


Milne, S., McVey, M., Barr, N., Davis, M., Mason, J., Greenhalgh, R., …Fletcher, L. (2013, September). Sharing Assessment across Institutions and VLEs. Paper presented at CETL-MSOR Conference 2013, Coventry University



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