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SMART: Modular Architecture for Reliable Transportation

  This paper proposes a new ultra-reliable architecture for fully electric propulsion primarily aimed at the automotive sector. The system considers a direct drive arrangement, minimizing the number of moving components and is based on a network of multi-three-phase machines providing propulsion. The DC-link from each 3-phase star within each machine can be interconnected to form a network, or mesh, which would allow a variety of post-fault mitigation strategies. The system scaling is considered along with the benefits and impact of modularity on device ratings. Finally the simulated performance for one drive is presented demonstrating the core capability in redirecting power flow in case of a fault.


Papadopoulos, S., Galassini, A., Ruksnaitis, L., Farhat, N., Kiselychnyk, O., Midgley, W., & Degano, M. (2019). SMART: Modular Architecture for Reliable Transportation.



reliability, multi three phase, automotive transportation, electric propulsion, fault strategy

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