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Startup Branding: A Case Study of Pegipegi
  This study examines the brand strategy of a startup firm in Indonesia, Pegipegi, an online travel agent, which provides travel ticket and hotel reservation services. The study was conducted in response to the fastest-growing startups in Indonesia, especially in e-commerce. A case study research method was used to investigate how this startup developed its brand and succeeded. The qualitative data were taken from websites, online news as well as advertisements in online and offline media. In addition, interviews with public relations and media manager were also employed. The results show that Pegipegi has developed its brand through the improvement of its brand identity and positioning aimed at showing its differences from its competitors. Furthermore, it has created its brand experience and promises as an online travel agent that is user friendly, convenient and interactive. Marketing communication has been conducted through advertisement in online and offline channels to increase brand awareness and hence, purchasing. Customer rewards are given to maintain customer relationship and loyalty. Moreover, other marketing strategies, including alliance, service availability, co-branding, e-WOM, and business to business relationships were also adopted by the startup company. This present study contributes to the existing startup branding research in Indonesia and could well be of interest in other national contexts.

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    20 May 2020

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    DGHE Directorate General of Higher Education (DGHE) Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia


Wismiarsi, T., Shihab, M. S., Hatta, H., & Tjandra, N. (2020). Startup Branding: A Case Study of Pegipegi. Transnational Marketing Journal, 8(1), 27-50.



startup, branding, brand positioning, brand experience, customer relationship and loyalty, e-commerce

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