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The Impact of an Ageing Workforce on Hong Kong’s Service Sector

  The population in Hong Kong is ageing. This population ageing will have a significant impact on the makeup of the labour market and employment practices. Nevertheless, research shows that employers in Hong Kong are little prepared for the ageing of the workforce; workers in Hong Kong retire much earlier than in many other countries; and older workers may experience age discrimination in the workplace. However, in order to maintain productivity, address skills shortages and meet market demand there may be the need in future for the extension of working lives.

The aim of this presentation is to explore the impact of the ageing population on employers in the Hong Kong service sector (the fastest growing sector in Hong Kong). Drawing on ongoing mixed methods research undertaken with employers and key stakeholders in Hong Kong, we will examine employers’ opinions of current demographic trends, and whether they perceive that population ageing affects them. We explore whether employers support older workers - do they see them as an asset or a liability? Conclusions will be made regarding the opportunities and challenges for older workers to extend their working-lives.

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    Conference Paper (unpublished)

  • Date:

    05 July 2017

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    ENU Development Trust


Egdell, V., Fuertes, V., Chen, T. & Tjandra, N. (2017, July). The Impact of an Ageing Workforce on Hong Kong’s Service Sector. Paper presented at The British Society of Gerontology 46th Annual Conference, Swansea University



Ageing population, labour market, employment, age discrimination,

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