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The Role of the Architectural Technologist in BIM Environments
  Built environment professionals are expected to work in Building Information Modelling (BIM)-enabled environments. (BIM)-enabled design is examined within the context of interdisciplinary architectural practices from a professionalism perspective. A substantial part of the literature on BIM focuses on its implementation or effect on communication and collaboration. Less research has investigated the challenges facing the architectural technologist and their role in interdisciplinary architectural practices that have implemented BIM. The effective transition to BIM-enabled design will be subject to its role in shaping the architectural practices norms. BIM is considered as a way of working that is changing the design process as well as the identities and structures of the built environment professions. The professionalism lens challenges the prevailing technical perspective that is dominating the literature. Case study work conducted in international architectural firms using BIM-enabled design is presented. The research shows aspects of both traditional and new professionalism.

  • Date:

    15 November 2019

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    Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


Jaradat, S. (2019). The Role of the Architectural Technologist in BIM Environments. In Architectural Technology, Facing The Renovation And Refurbishment Challenge: Conference Proceedings Of The Eight International Congress Of Architectural Technology, (171-179)



Architectural Technologist, BIM, Role, Interdisciplinary, Practice

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