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The Sensational Katherine Cecil Thurston: An investigation into the life and publishing history of a ‘New Woman’ author
  This thesis investigates the publishing history of a significant New Woman author of the Edwardian period, Katherine Cecil Thurston (1875-1911). Until now Thurston’s literary career has been the subject of little academic investigation. It is the aim of this thesis to contextualise her life and work within that of a New Woman writer and explore her relationship with those involved in the publishing process. By examining the narrative of Thurston’s work and her interaction with Edwardian society we see how such New Woman authors contributed to the development of women’s writing. The focal argument of the thesis is that Thurston used her femininity to generate an audience of female readers while at the same time creating alternate visions for women’s lives, thus championing the cause of feminism. Thurston challenges many of the traditional, established views of the late Victorian period; however she was keenly aware of the need to operate within the bounds of traditional gender roles in order to ensure the publication of her work and the support of her conservative readership. Through her relationships with her publishers and readers we see how the opening decade of the twentieth century was fraught with unease and doubt about women’s role within it. This thesis builds on recent studies by feminist critics in terms of rehabilitating women writers who have been omitted or lost from literary and publishing history. This research adds another author to that body of work and broadens our level of understanding of the position of woman authors of the period. By establishing the details of Thurston’s life and work, this thesis aims to open new channels of investigation and as such amounts to a significant contribution to our awareness and understanding of New Women authors.

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    31 January 2007

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An investigation into the life and publishing history of a ‘New Woman’ author. (Thesis). Edinburgh Napier University. Retrieved from



Thurston, Katherine Cecil; UK; Edwardian Period; 'New Woman'; Authoress; Sociology;

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