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Theoretical Assessment of Sustainability Principles for Renewable Smart Air-Conditioning
  Upon an improvement in the quality of life, air-conditioning has generally been applied. Nevertheless, environmental and health issues related with the use of air-conditioning occurs more often. Therefore, this paper aims to theoretically assess the principles of sustainability to achieve sustainability for renewable smart air-conditioning. Not only with consideration to the geometry (i.e. system mechanisms and components), fuzzy logic control and proportional-integral-derivative that such studies drawn particular attention to, but with concerns to a matter which has been previously ignored. That is with consideration to the potential which the renewable-based options, advanced smart control technique and profitability measures of air-conditioning reinforces the three pillars of sustainability, and their sustainable indicators as context-specific transformations have, to not only eradicate indoor health effects, lower the levels of energy consumption and rate of carbon emissions, but to uncover the significance of and particular contribution renewables and smart control opportunities makes to the sustainability of the system. In meeting this aim and demonstrating the sustainability of the theoretical framework, this paper reveals renewable and smart control system as the fundamental key components of the air-conditioning as it promotes to reduce levels of energy consumption and lower carbon emissions, vis-à-vis establish a comfortable and healthy indoor environment as an exercise in the sustainable theoretical framework whose status as renewable smart air-conditioning not only tackle poor indoor air quality but also combat global warming and climate change.

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    02 June 2020

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    Macrothink Institute, Inc.

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    Edinburgh Napier Funded


Oye, T. T., Gupta, N., Goh, K., & Oye, T. K. (2020). Theoretical Assessment of Sustainability Principles for Renewable Smart Air-Conditioning. Environmental management and sustainable development, 9(3), 18-46.


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