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Towards Building a Smart Water Management System (SWAMS) in Nigeria
  The water management landscape in Nigeria struggles with formidable obstacles characterized by a lack of adequate infrastructure, an uneven distribution of resources, and insufficient access to clean water, particularly in rural areas. These challenges are further compounded by the impacts of climate change, contributing to a heightened sense of water scarcity and the inefficient utilization of available water resources. In response to these challenges, collaborative endeavors involving both public and private sectors have emerged as critical components of the solution. The concerted efforts aim to establish equitable access to clean water, bolster public health initiatives, and catalyze socioeconomic development across Nigeria. This comprehensive examination of the nation's water dynamics underscores the need for innovative solutions. As part of this endeavor, we propose the implementation of a distributed service-oriented software architecture. This technological approach is designed to optimize water distribution networks and facilitate the implementation of effective water management policies, marking a pivotal step towards ensuring a more sustainable and resilient water future for Nigeria.

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    22 March 2024

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    Edinburgh Napier Funded


Bamgboye, O., Chrysoulas, C., Liu, X., Watt, T., Sodiya, A., Oyeleye, M., & Kalutharage, S. (in press). Towards Building a Smart Water Management System (SWAMS) in Nigeria.



Index Terms-flex-offer; water management; service oriented architecture; optimization

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