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Trust in Nigerian SMEs Exporting to West African Markets

  In this chapter, we examine trust and social networks among entrepreneurs operating in a developing market context. At the centre of this study, trust emerges from the interplay of a range of cultural-specific factors, each of which describes how social relations shape economic action. Using case studies of exporting Nigerian SMEs, we document how exporting arrangements are enforced across West African markets. Interview data reveal how entrepreneurs take advantage of indigenous trust-based relationships to enforce exporting agreements. It is clear that exporting activities is shaped by trust and networks of kinship, and market associations that permeate the West African region. This chapter facilitates a better understanding of trust and the range of indigenous relationships that underpin exporting activities in Nigeria and particularly across West Africa.


Omeihe, K., Amoako, I. O., & Gustafsson, V. (2021). Trust in Nigerian SMEs Exporting to West African Markets. In D. Nziku, & J. Struthers (Eds.), Enterprise and Economic Development in Africa (59-77). Bingley: Emerald.


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