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Uncertainty and Ongoing Economic Turbulence: Implications for HRD
  The Problem
The global financial crisis and uncertainty has the potential to significantly affect the human resource development (HRD) field in terms of investment levels in training and development; the nature, content, and focus of HRD interventions and programs; evaluation processes used to determine return on investment in HRD; and the role of HRD scholars and practitioners in assisting organizations to navigate such uncertain and turbulent economic environments. However, there is little to no debate about how HRD is responding to the crisis or how HRD scholars and practitioners can or should influence people management and development policy and practice during an era of ongoing economic turbulence.

The Solution
The current issue will address the gap that exists in our understanding of HRD during uncertain times. The issue draws together multi-level and multi-perspective insights into how HRD has responded to the uncertainty and ongoing economic turbulence. The papers are drawn from a range of different cultures and countries, across different levels of analysis, from the individual to the organization, to government and regulation. The methodologies used in the current issue papers are diverse and include quantitative, qualitative, integrative literature review, and an academic-practitioner reflection. The current issue sets out important implications for how HRD practitioners and researchers can assist the HRD field to respond to and shape organizational and government responses to the uncertainty and ongoing turbulence.

The Stakeholders
Scholars, practitioners, and policy makers interested in the human resource development field.

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    06 January 2014

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    SAGE Publications

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McCarthy, A., & Sheehan, M. (2014). Uncertainty and Ongoing Economic Turbulence: Implications for HRD. Advances in developing human resources, 16(1), 3-12.



uncertainty, HRD, turbulence, training and development, investment

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