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Visual-narrative and virtual reality.

  This paper explores the relationship between the image and the narrative in virtual reality (VR) environments. It
addresses three main issues; how we engage in images, how the VR technology can enhance this engagement
and how narratives can maintain this engagement. We present an initial investigation into the development of a
visual-narrative model to increase immersion and engagement in a VR environment and discuss the state of the art VR technology being developed by the Benogo project. Additionally, we propose a three-part study to elicit
a set of design requirements to support the development of this visual-narrative model and report the initial stages of this study.

  • Date:

    30 November 2003

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  • Publisher

    International Visual Literacy Association


Carroll, F., Smyth, M. & Dryden, L. (2003). Visual-narrative and virtual reality. In Griffin, R. E., Chandler, S. B. & Cowden, B. D. (Eds.). Visual Literacy and Development: An African Experience - Selected readings of the IVLA Annual Conference



image; narrative; engagement; virtual reality technology; VR environments; communication; storytelling; visual media;

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