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Woman's Experience of Childbirth: Qualitative Analysis from Data Derived from the 30-Item-Birth-Satisfaction-Scale

  Background: The 30-Item-Birth-Satisfaction-Scale (30-item-BSS) was developed to evaluate women’s experiences of
Objective: To thematically analyse the qualitative responses to questions comprising the 30-item BSS questionnaire, to identify whether the qualitative responses are in anyway harmonized with experiences reported within the quantitative portion of the 30-item-BSS.
Study design: The focus of our enquiry was the analysis of secondary data from (n = 115) completed 30-item-BSS
questionnaires in which respondents provided textual comments to the quantitative questions in order to draw separate qualitative analysis of birth satisfaction. Line-by-line thematic coding was conducted to classify each written comment into a theme. Themes representing birth satisfaction were subsequently analysed using constant comparative analysis to differentiate birth satisfaction classifications that range from high to low, Exceptional, Good, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory.
Participants: The completed questionnaires (30-tem-BSS) from a convenience sample of postnatal women (< 10 days postpartum) who had delivered a healthy term infant.
Findings: The experiences for childbirth were ultimately classified as Exceptional for 4 women, Good for 39 women, Satisfactory for 55 women, and Unsatisfactory for 17 women.
Key conclusions: We found that qualitative data synchronized favorably with data from the quantitative aspect of the BSS.
Implications for practice: Two versions of the BSS are available: (1) The psychometrically valid and reliable 10-item-BSS from which scores can be correlated with other validated measures, and (2) The 30-item-BSS designed to assess individual women’s experiences prior to in-depth qualitative work. Both scales are available from the second author

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    14 February 2017

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    RG Gynecology and obstetrics

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    618 Gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics & geriatrics

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Procter, S., Hollins Martin, C. J., Larkin, D. & Martin, C. R. (2017). Woman's Experience of Childbirth: Qualitative Analysis from Data Derived from the 30-Item-Birth-Satisfaction-Scale. Journal of Nursing and Practice. 1(1), 10-17



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Birth, Birth-Satisfaction-Scale (BSS), Childbearing, Construct validity, Experience, Satisfaction, Women

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