Ikerbs Phase 4 Trials for Inclusive Suitability of kerbs in a number of key city environments
  Phase 4 will build apon Phases 2 and 3 with trials and experimentation: User engagement and Trials. Phase 3 findings will be consolidated with Phase 2 and final report development under Phase 4. In addition, A series of experimental trials will see participants of divers capabilities will traverse a kerb rig at Merchiston, with experimental parameters of kerb height and profile. Results will be integrated into final report on efficacy of kerbs design for inclusive populations.

  • Start Date:

    1 April 2023

  • End Date:

    30 June 2024

  • Activity Type:

    Externally Funded Research

  • Funder:

    Mott Macdonald Group Limited

  • Value:


Project Team