Information literacy and society: a comprehensive review
  This project will bring out how people learn to understand why and how they need information, and how they gather, process and use information, by reviewing research from 2005 to the present. The word ‘information’ will be taken to mean not only written information but information gleaned via media/digitally, via speech, via non-verbal means. It will focus on non-educational sectors/user-groups such as workplaces, democracy, lifelong learning, and minorities. Given the time and funding limits, the project will focus on one or two of these sectors, to be agreed with MILA.
In understanding ‘societal’ IL, the project will collate barriers to development of information skills found by researchers, along with effective ways to enable people for people to overcome such barriers, so that society as a whole can become better at working with information.

  • Start Date:

    1 February 2023

  • End Date:

    30 September 2023

  • Activity Type:

    Externally Funded Research

  • Funder:

    Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals

  • Value:


Project Team