Mountain Bike App Development
The nature of sport drives people to improve, develop and better their own performances. To do this effectively means hiring a coach but often there are costs and/or geographical issues in finding and using a suitable, experienced person. To solve this problem many sports people film themselves to provide visual feedback but without a coach present, riders are unaware of where they are going wrong and are unable to make the required corrections, thus filming, in itself is unhelpful and the user is left with little more information than they previously had.
The aim of this project is to use digital technologies to demonstrate where riders need to make improvements
For this initial project, the application will be designed to provide coaching feedback on six mountain biking skills. A technical investigation into appropriate video control libraries will be undertaken and the user interface will be elaborated as a lo-fi prototype.

  • Start Date:

    23 September 2013

  • End Date:

    29 November 2013

  • Activity Type:

    Externally Funded Research

  • Funder:

    Sporting Chance Initiative

  • Value:


Project Team