SmartGov (IST-2001-35399) was a project funded by the European Commission under its Information Society Technologies Programme (IST). The aim of the project was to develop a governmental knowledge-based platform for public sector online services.
ITC's research focused on the social and socio-technical aspects of such services. We developed the e-Government Services Ontology, that underpins The Framework for e-Government Services, which we hope will benefit both researchers and public authorities in the ways that they think about the area. ITC played a major part in requirements gathering and led the evaluation of the SmartGov software tools. 
We worked closely with the City of Edinburgh Council, where a pilot application of SmartGov was installed and tested during the second half of 2003. This pilot assisted in the service that provides equipment to elderly and infirm people, to help them to remain in living their own homes. The Senior Occupational Therapists and Staff at the Joint Domiciliary Equipment Stores at the Council, successfully used the platform to create the web-based service themselves. 
The SmartGov platform was developed in collaboration with 5 other European partners, and ran from February 2002 to January 2004.

SmartGov Project was voted Europa Project of the Month for March 2004.

More about the SmartGov project

  • Start Date:

    1 February 2002

  • End Date:

    31 January 2004

  • Activity Type:

    Externally Funded Research

  • Funder:

    EU Framework Programme 7 and FP6 and earlier programmes

  • Value:


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