The company aims to provide a combined sourcing, ordering and logistics service to business consumers of foodstuffs. However, the navigation and selection of available products, the administrative overhead of order placement and the arrangement of pickups and deliveries can be labour-intensive and time-consuming. In order to ensure the success of the proposition, the interface offered to restaurateurs and chefs needs to be carefully streamlined. The eventual system will need to communicate with a range of external parties, and the details of each individual connection need to be handled by the system rather than being delegated to the end user. This project would explore the user experience requirements of the interface through tailored data collection activities in order to develop an understanding of the process of use, and the presentation of the available functions. The findings from the project will be captured in a range of forms including infographics, wireframe designs and process definitions which can be used in the later development of the system

  • Start Date:

    25 April 2014

  • End Date:

    25 June 2014

  • Activity Type:

    Externally Funded Research

  • Funder:

    Scottish Funding Council

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Project Team