Rent & financial information

Our aim is to try and make the rental costs and financial information as clear as possible but if you need any further clarification please feel free to contact the office.

Rent & financial Information

If you have been allocated Edinburgh Napier University Accommodation at Slateford Road, Orwell Terrace or Bainfield:

All Students will pay a £500 advance rent payment when applying for student accommodation. This is offset against the total rent cost for your tenancy from start to finish.

If you are a Widening Participation student and believe you may have difficulties in paying the £500 advance instalment, we would like to offer support by giving you the opportunity to spread the initial payment over the remaining instalments.

Please contact for more information

What happens once I apply and make £500 advance rent payment?

We aim to process applications within four working days after the £500 advance rent payment has been received through the online application process. You will then receive a reservation email telling you where you will be staying, how much your rent will cost and the length of your tenancy.  Within five working days of receiving this you will be expected to:
  • Complete and return a guarantor form, parents and witness (unrelated to student/parent) signatures required. We will accept a scanned/emailed copy to meet the 5 days deadline but please also bring a copy to Key Collection. 
  • Complete the online induction which the student will be emailed (this will take approx. 20 mins)
  • Set up a payment plan (please see below)

1 Trimester Students

5 days after receiving your reservation email you are expected to make payment upfront in full due to the short duration of your tenancy. Please note you will not be eligible for the payment in full 2% discount.

Full Academic Year 39-Week and Extended Tenancy 50-Week Tenancy

5 days after receiving your reservation email you are expected to set up a Recurring Card Payment (Monthly Instalments) or make payment in full with a 2% discount that you should deduct when making payment to Edinburgh Napier University.

Please note monthly payments are not worked out by multiplying the weekly cost x 4/5 weeks. We work out your total rent cost for the full duration of your stay by dividing the weekly cost by 7 to gain the daily cost and then multiplying the daily cost by the number of days in your tenancy. 

An indicative rent example is:

  • Standard en suite room at Bainfield for 39-week tenancy – total rent is £6,008.82
  • Remaining rent after £500 paid with application is £5,508.82, payable in seven instalments of £688.60, and eighth and final  instalment of £688.62
  • Last payment will be taken on/around 10 May 2021.

Recurring Card Payments

Please follow the instructions detailed on your reservation email and below. If you are staying from September to June you will be expected to make eight payments, and if you are staying from September to August you will be expected to make 10 payments. Your first rental payment will be deducted around 10 October and monthly thereafter. Payment plans can be made following the instructions below:

Go to

  • Logon on with your Matriculation Number (your Edinburgh Napier Number) and date of birth
  • Click "Fees/Accommodation"
  • Click "Payer Relationship" and choose from the drop down list, for "Enrolment Month" choose "September"
  • Click "Accommodation Fees" and choose "Credit/Debit Card instalments for Recurring Card Payments" or "One of Card Payment for Payment in Full"

(We accept Visa, Mastercard, Solo, Visa Electron and Switch. We do not accept Maestro and American Express)

  • Refer to costs on your reservation email for RCP/Payment in Full – 2% Discount
  • Click to confirm payment options
  • Click to input card details and submit
  • You will receive an email confirming your payment schedule.

Payment in full

To qualify for a 2% discount please make a one off accommodation fee payment via Please note: this discount excludes first trimester students.

If you have any difficulties with these online payments please contact the Edinburgh Napier University Finance Department on 0131 455 6035, 0131 455 6036 or 0131 455 6197.

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