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Grow your business with a Graduate Apprenticeship at Edinburgh Napier University. The innovative, cost-effective way to attract and retain the top talent in your industry.

Graduate Apprenticeships

Edinburgh Napier University is one of the original providers of Graduate Apprenticeships (GA) and a market leader in work-based learning experiences.

The GA programme enables your business to attract new talent and create a more diverse workplace, or develop the abilities of your current team, all while helping to address national skills shortages.

We work with organisations of all sizes, delivering Graduate Apprenticeships in eight subject areas. We will support your organisation through the process and use our experience and resources to put you at the centre of what we do.

Benefits for your business

No fees to pay

No learning costs for you and your apprentice for the entire course.

Recruit & retain top talent

Attract and keep the best people who understand the skills and needs of your business.

Improve your productivity

Graduate Apprentices apply their learning in the workplace, bringing new skills and knowledge to benefit your organisation.

Develop University links

Link with top academics and exciting projects at Edinburgh Napier University.

Work-based learning

We provide personalised learning opportunities, where tasks and projects your apprentice does in work counts towards their degree.

Our Graduate Apprenticeship courses
  • Business Management GA" class="text-underline">Day release
  • Civil Engineering GA" class="text-underline">Day release
  • Construction & the Built Environment GA" class="text-underline">Block release
  • Cybersecurity GA" class="text-underline">Day release
  • Data Science GA" class="text-underline">Day release
  • Engineering Design and Manufacture GA" class="text-underline">Day release
  • IT Management for Business GA" class="text-underline">Day release
  • Software Development GA" class="text-underline">Day Release
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