Dual careers

You’re an established or developing world class athlete, coach or sports official facing the challenge of trying to balance two potentially conflicting paths... and we want to help you succeed in both: put simply, we take Dual Careers seriously.

TASS accredited support and development

In recognition of our Dual Career support for talented athletes in full-time education, Edinburgh Napier University is the only university in Scotland to be accredited by the UK government's Talented Athletes Scholarship Scheme (TASS.gov.uk). 

The reason is the flexibility we build into our approach, which allows qualifying athletes to balance their studies with a hectic sporting schedule.

Applications are welcome from students across the University, regardless of mode, level or programme of study. We have more than 30 students currently enrolled, from a broad range of sports - including kayaking, karate and curling - who study on degree programmes from Sport and Exercise Science to Sports Coaching, by way of Mechanical Engineering, MBAs and Software Engineering.

We take into consideration your training and competition schedule and ensure this does not impact on your application or your studies once enrolled with us.

Read our  Dual Career Policy for Athletes and Coaches

The Centre for Developing Athletes, highlighted below, provides a supportive environment for all Dual Career students. 

Read our interview with Greg Drummond and Will Helu

Find out more about what it's like to study for your degree while you compete at the top level of your sport.

Academic study support

Uniquely in the UK, the academic support we provide for eligible members includes a Dual Career Academic Tutor, making it easy to access support whenever required:

Your Dual Career academic tutor will

  • Liaise with the school to help prevent clashes with your training/competition schedules
  • Work with you and the school to find a way to record lectures/tutorials you may have to miss
  • Help you plan your studies and arrange alternative assessments where possible
  • Support you when training or competition selection requires you to be way at short notice
You also gain access to:
  • Induction activities and planning workshops at the beginning of each trimester to help pre-plan support
  • Support for requests for academic flexibility for assessments scheduled which clash with competition in line with our Dual Career Policy
  • A dedicated Centre for Developing Athletes Online Portal to support signposting, forms, funding opportunities, regulations, contacts, networks, and other useful information

Join the Centre for Developing Athletes

Membership is open to athletes or coaches who are affiliated to one of the following:
  • National Institute of Sport Performance Pathway or Programme
  • National Governing Body Performance Pathway or Programme
  • National Age-grade Player Development Pathway or Programme
  • National Sport Academy
  • National or Governing Body Talent Identification Pathway or Programme
  • Professional sporting status
  • Competing or coaching at National or International level as a Junior or Senior
  • Winning Students (Scotland),
  • Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) supported or equivalent 
To apply for membership of the Centre for Developing Athletes complete the application form with supporting documentation in the form of a letter (including official letterheads and signatures) from one of the organisations above verifying status and commitment to sporting excellence.

You need to verify your continued status annually.

Train and gain

As a member of the Centre for Developing Athletes you gain access to a range of benefits including:
  • Flexibility in your studies to meet your training and competition commitments
  • Access to a Dual Career Academic Tutor - a unique benefit explained in more detail below.
  • ENGAGE membership including use of our high performance gym and exercise classes
  • Tailored strength and conditioning programme and support
  • Free regular health checks and bespoke fitness consultations 
  • Access to sport science support, including our labs for exercise physiology, biomechanics and injury prevention.
  • Promotional opportunities through the University media

Are you ready to join?

We want you to get involved, follow your passion and reach your potential. We don't want you to sit on the sidelines, we want you to apply the skills and knowledge we teach alongside your training so you can make a real impact on your sport and on you career. So. Have you got what it takes?

Be part of our team

As an elite or developing athlete or coach you have high expectations. We also have high expectations of you.

As a member of the Centre for Developing Athletes you are ambassadors for the University. You will be expected to:

  • Attend personal development events and workshops highlighted via the athlete/coach portal
  • Demonstrate excellent attendance (except for periods of authorised absence) 
  • Support the University’s marketing and recruitment teams by communicating success and participating in marketing activity including interviews and photoshoots 
  • Meet with your Dual Career Academic Tutor at least once every trimester
  • Regularly promote Edinburgh Napier University in social media posts in a professional and appropriate way
  • Be a positive and active member of the alumni community when you graduate
  • Compete on behalf of Team Napier in BUCS competitions where possible

Team Napier

Centre for Developing Athletes

The Centre for Developing Athletes provides an environment to support you on and off the field. We take into consideration your training and competition schedule to ensure this does not impact on your studies with us.