Private accommodation

There's a vast choice of private student accommodation in Edinburgh, but demand is equally high. You should start looking as soon as possible and allow extra time to visit and view properties before making your decision.

Private sector accommodation guide

List of potential student accommodation options

Private accommodation support service

The Student Accommodation department runs a Private Accommodation Support Service for new students looking for accommodation in the private sector.

This service operates throughout the year and also hosts a number of drop-in workshops to assist students in finding appropriate and safe accommodation.

This provision will offer internet, phone & printing access, as well as staff assistance and as much information as possible to help students secure accommodation easily and quickly.

The service will operate as follows:


10am to 2pm Monday – Friday
4 January – 19 January 2017


Bainfield Café
Bainfield Student Accommodation
12 Bainfield Drive
EH11 1AR

  • Edinburgh Studentpad
    We work closely with Edinburgh Studentpad which details private flats available across central Edinburgh. There's also a messageboard so you can team up with other students looking for flatmates.
  • Hostel Bookers
    For short stay accommodation while you're finding your feet in Edinburgh, or even a bed for tonight, visit Hostel Bookers.
  • Homestay Booking
    Homestay Booking
    lets you search for short term and longer term accommodation with host families. This option usually includes meals as part of the package.
  • Flat Finder Group
    Flat Finder Group on Facebook
    features both people with flats or rooms to rent, and those looking to share.

Most private providers and landlords usually take a deposit from you if you rent from them. Legally this money must be protected under a tenancy deposit scheme. Find out more about these schemes.

Please note that Edinburgh Napier University has not vetted or is in any way affiliated with any of the above mentioned accommodation providers.