Police Registration Certificate

Who needs to register?

Only foreign nationals aged 16 or over that are from a country listed here

The requirement to register with the police may no longer be shown on your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) or vignettes issued to enter the UK.  You must check your decision letter.

If your visa has the condition “Register with the Police within 7 days” or “Register with the Police on arrival” then you need to apply for your Police Registration Certificate soon after you arrive in the UK.

How do I register?

If you are living in Edinburgh you can make an initial registration at the following police office:

5 Fettes Avenue, Edinburgh, EH4 1RB

What documents do I need?

To register with the Police, you will be required to take the following documents with you:
  • Passport
  • UK visa/BRP
  • £34 Registration fee (cash only)
  • University status letter
  • 2x recent passport photos

Updating my Police Registration Certificate

Once you have your certificate, it is import that you inform the Police every time you:
  • Change address
  • Receive a visa extension or a new visa
  • Move to another university
  • Receive a new passport

Please remember to take your Police Registration Certificate, your passport and relevant documents (details of new address details of new institute, new visa or new passport) with you.

Please note, you do not have to pay to get your Police Registration Certificate updated and you can attend any police station open to the public within your area.  To find out where the nearest police station is to you, check the Police Scotland website.

Further information

Further information regarding Police Registration can be found in the following links: