Abimbola from Nigeria talks about her life at Edinburgh Napier University.

Abimbola Ayo, MSc Computing with Professional Placement

"I choose Scotland based on its acceptance to the cultural diversity, quality of education, great prospects and amazing discoveries. I have been here for a while and I still learn new things daily which I find interesting."

I am passionate about troubleshooting and solving technical problems.  There is always something to learn in computing.  Computing has exposed me to several interesting aspects I never imagined I would have been involved in. There are no restrictions to what can be learnt in the world of computing. 

I read about the impressive workstation and state-of-the-art presentation equipment, quality of infrastructure with provision for Linux security and forensics training in collaboration with the new SOC LAB that was recently launched. Nothing beats an industry-standard operations centre with real-time security threats for training. The university has audio-visual equipment that provides students with the best learning and teaching experience on campus. There is 24/7 access to well over 1,600 PCs and 200 Macs. The university has a Cyber Academy, which fights cyber criminals by working with a series of organisations to design effective measures to prevent and investigate security breaches. This and more stood out for me in comparison to other schools. 

"The flexibility in this course is the coolest thing about it. I choose my own courses and there is a long list of amazing courses to choose from." 

I studied Computer Information Science in my home country so I already have a background in computing. This was a great approach and provided me with a good understanding of the course. The experience with the lecturers has been fantastic. They are always willing to help while they put into consideration international students who have come from different backgrounds. 

Tips from our students

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"JKCC is my favourite place to study! It is accessible 24 hours a day and all the systems and facilities are quick and easy to use."

I like the teaching approach and all lecturers are approachable, they are really concerned with you well being here. I booked a one-to-one session with a careers counsellor and she was very helpful. I have also met with a CV doctor who gave me useful tips on how to improve my CV.

I am a class representative and I plan to join the African/ Caribbean society. I am not used to writing essays and completing the coursework. I was surprised to find out that some of the courses do not require you to sit a test or an exam. Instead, they are assessed based on reports and essay writing. The good thing about this is that you learn more about the course of study. 
My 1st words were, ‘WOW, it’s really cold!’ The transportation system is fantastic. Well, I have gotten lost a lot of times but hey, I am new in town! I have visited a few places around the Royal Mile where I watched how the Irish flute was played. I have more planned trips in the coming month. 

"I plan to work in as a Business Analyst, Data Analyst or a User Designer. When you are in Edinburgh, the possibilities are endless."

My course is already contributing towards my career goals!

My best advice for you:

- Do lots of research on your chosen course before you apply. Every detail is important and it will be extremely helpful.  

- Learn how to write. Writing and reviewing articles are an important part of my studies and I wish I knew about this before I arrived. I may have taken a course to be better prepared. 

- Apply for Admissions early enough to avoid a visa delay. This can cause a setback in your studies and can cause unnecessary stress.

 - Make sure you do plenty of research before choosing accommodation. You need to plan this properly to avoid been stranded or over spending on a place to stay. I should mention that accommodation is not easy to get and they are really pricey. So be prepared! 

- Clothing is extremely important. In my experience I thought I would enjoy summer in a dress and sandals but this was not the case. I had to buy some clothes and shoes to cover up. So get ready for the beautiful and unpredictable weather of Edinburgh! 

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