Collins from Nigeria talks about his life at Edinburgh Napier University.

Collins Cross Ovie, MBA Leadership Practice

“There are several open channels to do more and to be more”

What I like most about Edinburgh Napier University is the vast opportunities that are opened for everyone. There are several open channels to do more and to be more. Opportunities to gain first-hand experience in a number of ways. The Get On Board programme is great as it prepares students from the classroom for the boardroom.

Being a course representative allows me the privilege to sit in a meeting with my programme leaders to discuss relevant issues. The libraries are well equipped with relevant up-to-date books. The Computing Centre double screen computer lab is superb. Edinburgh Napier University takes the stress of study from me as we get to break on tea and pizza during lectures sometimes.

“I received strong recommendations from people who finished their course at Edinburgh Napier University”

I decided to come to the United Kingdom because of my choice of course MBA with Leadership Practice. As a young executive, I needed the relevant skills to back up my experience for superior results. I received strong recommendations from people who finished their course at Edinburgh Napier University and two others who are yet to complete their studies. Moreover, I needed a school that delivers quality and at the same time accommodates my financial plans as a self-funding student.

Edinburgh is quite and relatively safer than most cities of the world. In addition, I love the Highlands and I like to explore ancient ruins and the history I read about only in books. Everything is education to me, both in the classroom and the great Edinburgh great outdoors.

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“I have toured Rome, Padova, Florence and Paris but Edinburgh is a pearl”

Edinburgh is a very beautiful city and there are many places to see. Edinburgh is a top tourist hub in the UK. One could spend a whole year exploring the beautiful channels of Water of Leith or the magnificent Edinburgh castle. The botanical garden is like Eden in Edinburgh. I have toured Rome, Padua, Florence and Paris but Edinburgh is a pearl – there is nothing like it.

Edinburgh holds something for everyone, every day is like a holiday and if one is not careful, you might just forget you came here to study. There are different clubs and cafés from New Town to Grass market. You could only wish there were more hours to explore.

It is not all about seeing and going places, it is also another kind of education outside the classroom. I love volunteering with Edinburgh Street Pastors; it is my way of giving back to the society, sharing a fraction of my love.

“There is so much ahead for me and no limits”

I understand that employment opportunities are shrinking globally, hence the need to seek extended knowledge to get a better chance to compete for the best jobs. Studying the MBA at Edinburgh Napier is helping me be more specific about my goals. The training is helping me become a good ambassador of the programme and a relevant and competent manager in the business world. I believe there is no limit for how far one can go, only individuals themselves set limits. MBA is only the beginning of my study, there is so much ahead for me and no limits.

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