Tosin from Nigeria talks about his life at Edinburgh Napier University.

Tosin Oye, MSc Environmental Sustainibility

“The lecturers will encourage you and put you on the right path”

While studying for my undergraduate degree, I developed a passion and an urge to work in the environment sector, especially in the area of sustainability. My dissertation is on sustainable radioactive waste disposal from an environmental perspective. It is a very relevant discipline as I discovered that radioactive waste is a major threat in terms of its long-term disposal. This is very relevant to both Nigeria and Britain.

“All of our module leader have a good rapport with students”

The lecturers at Edinburgh Napier University are very, very good – especially our programme leader Celine Garnier. We have great discussions. All of our course module leaders are easy to talk to and have a good rapport with the students. The course is quite taxing - you have to work hard and make your deadlines. You have to be very focused. The lecturers will encourage you and put you on the right path especially if you have difficulty in any particular area.

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“The facilities are superb, really fantastic”

You get to mix with international students from all over the world which is a privilege. The facilities are superb, really fantastic. The classrooms, the computers, access to the internet are all very good for learning. It’s really welcoming and I can always recommend people to come here. I can’t say I find the Scottish accent difficult. When I first arrived here I paid attention and listened carefully as we don’t speak English very fast in Nigeria unlike here.

My twin brother Toyosi is also here studying for an MSc in Environmental Sustainability at Edinburgh Napier. He is enjoying it as well and we intend working together and having our own company in the future. In the meantime, we keep in touch with our family in Nigeria on Skype as they love seeing us.

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