Who better to ask the all important questions to than Kevin Yancy from the USA. He joined us to talk about life here at Edinburgh Napier University so far.

Kevin Yancey, BEng Computing

Our top 5 questions and answers from Kevin are...

What made you chose a computing course here at Edinburgh Napier University?

During my time as a member of the USA marines, I was on an operation in Norway. Here I met a computer programmer from the UK who actually studied at Edinburgh Napier University himself years before. He told me about how he owed so much of his success to Napier and suggested that I checked it out. After doing some research and visiting the campus, I knew that this University would become my second home. I loved the idea of studying a course that would be so important for the future. 

What have you most enjoyed about your programme so far? 

My course is extremely practical, which I love! My course drives right into the heart of modern day business requirements like cybersecurity which I feel like I could use straight away in future job opportunities. 

How did you find the application process when applying to Edinburgh Napier University?

The process of applying to a University here in the UK and the USA are really different. Anytime I had any questions, the international team here at Napier got back to me quickly and really professionally. Not once did I feel like the staff were annoyed by my constant questions, they just reassured me. I felt so supported the whole way. 

What shocked you most about Edinburgh when you first moved here? 

In the USA, I drive everywhere. I thought by moving to Scotland without my car, I would be really limited on where I could go. But I was wrong, Scotland's public transport is amazing. You can get to most cities by train or bus at a really low cost which makes exploring really easy. 

Would you recommend Edinburgh Napier to a friend? Tell us why.

I would 100% recommend my friends to study here...in a heartbeat! All of the staff, before and after you arrive here are super helpful, approachable and always make time for you. The community here is amazing. As a mature student (30 years old right now guys) I'm a bit rusty when it comes to studying, but this University was perfect for me. I feel so welcomed and like I'm at home. 

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