Who better to ask the all important questions to than current student Meiline from Portugal. She joined us to talk about life here at Edinburgh Napier University so far.

Meiline Gonçalves Da Silva, BA (Hons) Journalism

Our top 5 questions and answers from Meiline are...

How do you find the overall university experience here in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is a city full of students, so even though I might feel overwhelmed sometimes, I never really feel like I am alone because there are so many other young people in a similar situation. Due to the pandemic, there are not as many events as usual, but there are still many ways to have fun and things to do once you meet other students and make friends. Meeting friends was really easy as I stayed in student accommodation here!

What do you like most about the city?

I enjoy living in such an eco-friendly city. Edinburgh has everything a big city needs to have with the perfect balance of green spaces and natural beauty. There is also a huge amount of historic sites to visit and themed attractions (especially if you like Harry Potter!). 

What is your favourite thing about living in Scotland? 

Scotland has a huge amount of natural green spaces, perfect to escape from its beautiful cities. Besides, Scottish people are extremely friendly and always ready to help if you have any kind of trouble. I would say that my favourite thing has been the communal living with my flatmates in the university accommodation, because we always manage to have fun together by doing group activities. 

What shocked you most about Edinburgh when you first moved here? 

Being from a European country there were not many cultural shocks. However, I was positively surprised with how open-minded and accepting people in Scotland are. This has really helped me to settle in to my new home and feel comfortable here. 

Would you recommend Edinburgh Napier to a friend? Tell us why.

Yes! Edinburgh Napier is a great place for anyone who is planning to study abroad, especially because of the amount of support, whether it is academic or in a more personal level. Besides, you will get the chance of living in a city as beautiful as Edinburgh and make a lot of international friends. 

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