Ahmed from Egypt talks about his life at Edinburgh Napier University.

Ahmed Sweilam, MSc Health Administration (now MSc Healthcare Management)

“The majority of courses here are in such great demand from employers”

I am studying MSc Health Administration and the best thing about my degree is that you do not only read books and attend tutorials but you actually get a chance to know how NHS Scotland applies the theory. For example, my tutor invited me to attend one of the NHS board meetings and my Programme Leader helped me attend a conference in Glasgow about technology in health.

Edinburgh Napier University is very practical and the majority of courses here are in such great demand from employers. Very few universities offered my course which gave me a great impression of Edinburgh Napier. Then I saw that 95% of the graduates are at work or further study within 6 months of graduating, and the tutors were in very senior positions in the NHS and I knew I had to come here.

“It is a truly international university”

At Edinburgh Napier, there is this feeling that you belong to a family. Even though the University is large, my classes only have around 10-20 students each and within a few weeks you form great friendships.  In my class there were Scottish, Indian, French, Canadian and many others. It is a truly international university. You will learn how they do things in other countries and so much more about different cultures. You will never feel isolated or alone here.

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“There is something in Edinburgh that you will not feel in any other city”

The best thing it is in Edinburgh! By far, here are the friendliest people I have ever met. And I am a guy who spent most of his life traveling to different parts of the world.

When I first came to the UK, I arrived in London and took a bus from there to Edinburgh. We stopped in many cities for breaks. There is something in Edinburgh that you will not feel in any other city. It is not cold, it is not hot, it is not too small and it is not too large. The ancient buildings, the modern transportation and the rich Scottish culture are a very unique mix. People here are super friendly – they will smile at you everywhere you go. There is this goodness in people here that will make you feel humanity is still great.
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