AJ from the United Arab Emirates talks about her life at Edinburgh Napier University.

AJ Alromaithi, BEng (Honours) Computer Security and Forensics

"This is where I should be, and I feel like I belong more and more every day"

I am currently studying towards a BEng (Hons) in Computer Security and Forensics. I chose Edinburgh Napier University because I was transferring from Abu Dhabi and needed somewhere with a similar course, but somewhere that I would be challenged. I concluded that Edinburgh Napier is the right place for me.

Although I was always interested in computers and technology, when I was in high school I could not see myself as a part of that world. My father encouraged me towards information technology and forensics, that is why I selected it as my course. At first I wasn't convinced it was right for me but now I see that this is where I should be, and I feel like I belong more and more every day.

"I go to the library to relax and to enjoy a good book"

As an international student, you have a lot to take care of before starting your studies. The team at the University help you with almost everything, which helps put your family at ease and reassure them that you are going to be safe.

My campus, Merchiston, has many great facilities such as the library, the Jack Kilby Computing Centre (JKCC) and plenty of computer labs. I occasionally go to the library in my free time between classes to relax and to enjoy a good book and I often spend time at the JKCC when we have coursework. I believe it's more efficient because everyone around you is also working and everything you need is on the machines.

"Having a practical part is what I enjoyed most about this university"

Here at Edinburgh Napier, courses include both theory and practice in almost every module you take. The lecturers are normally available during or after the lecture, and even doing lab sessions to help you or answer any questions you have. Having a practical part is what I enjoyed most about this university - I believe that you learn more by doing something than by sitting in a lecture all day.

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"It really is a beautiful and interesting city"

When I first came to Edinburgh, it was the summer and it was actually cold! Back home it's really hot and I think that was the first thing I had to adapt to. “If this is summer weather, I wonder what you will be dealing with in winter?” I remember my mother asking. I actually like the colder weather so it’s not a problem.

My favourite thing to do is to just walk around and explore the city and that was how I got my first impressions of Edinburgh. It really is a beautiful and interesting city, from its history to its architecture.

"I am driven to become the best at what I do"

I would like to develop myself, learning as much as I can from my teachers and classmates. I plan on graduating with a first-class honours degree and after that continuing my studies working towards a PhD in Cyber Security. In the long term, I would like to be an expert in cybersecurity and forensics. I am driven to become the best at what I do to the point where I will be the go-to person whom others rely on for the most current and advanced technology information.

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