Krishna from India talks about his life at Edinburgh Napier University.

Krishna Balasubramaniam, MSc International Tourism Destination Management

"The facilities at Edinburgh Napier University are top quality. You always have people to help you out when in need at all times in the campus buildings."

The library at Craiglockhart is quite a huge one and there is sufficient space to find a quiet desk to study or work on assignments. The books at the library are great but the online library of the university has everything you could ask for. I am a part of the Surfing, Diving, Rock climbing and Pool clubs. My time at each club has been an amazing experience. Each club is unique in its own perspective, but a common thing is the number of friends you make. It's a great experience for every student and I would highly recommend!  

"The student community on offer at Napier was a key aspect of the communication I had with people who told me about the university, and I am now proud of being a part of this global student community."

The idea of moving to Scotland for my masters was a no brainier. I had wanted to study Tourism in the UK and looked at the universities that had the specific modules I was looking for. I found that the course offered here at Napier was comprehensive and also had the prospect of living in a World Heritage city which lured me into choosing Edinburgh. The other factors that convinced me to choose Napier was the student-faculty ratio, which has given me the opportunity to work closely with the lecturers. I was lured into studying Tourism after I decided to start my own business but with a condition, that the business must not have large investment. I loved to travel from a young age as my parents travel quite a bit and the potential there was huge. This was the starting point of my tourism career plans. Coming back to the course, we have quite a bit of theory to study, but the professors make classes great with practical and recent life examples. Each module has a couple of field trips to get a better idea of the subject. Natural Area Tourism is definitely an amazing module I'm studying and one of my personal favourites.  

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"After living here for a few months, I already feel this is the model city to the rest of the world."

The city itself has brought a sense of 'Wow' to my life. Magnificent buildings all around the city but even more, trees and parks to fill the city in green. The blessing for Edinburgh is the mountains around it. Arthur's seat at the end of the Royal Mile is just a half hour trek to get to the top but you will be blessed with spectacular views of the city. Pentland hills is the other amazing trek around reservoirs and mountains just in the vicinity of the city. An entire day of travel would still not be enough to see this gem of a place. 

"I am planning to start my own travel company in India after I complete my masters."

There is great scope for tourism in India. The international community that I have serves me well to get a global contact base. I am going to concentrate on inbound tourism into India and this is the right place to start. Although I have loved university, I will not be studying any further than the masters! 

University is just for 2 days a week depending on your course and it would be better to stay closer to the city centre and hop on a quick bus to class! And of course, travel and explore while you are lucky enough to live in this amazing city.

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