Rupali from India talks about her life at Edinburgh Napier University.

Rupali Parmar, MSc Marketing

“Everyone ranging from staff to the student representatives are extremely responsive and always willing to help”

Life at Edinburgh Napier University is everything a student can ask for. Being an international student, the variety of facilities provided by the University have helped me greatly to adjust to the new atmosphere. What I like the most about Edinburgh Napier is that everyone ranging from staff to the student representatives are extremely responsive and always willing to help. You never feel lost here.

My personal favourite are the library services as the library is that one place where a student ideally spends most of their time. It offers a massive collection of books, journals and other electronic resources which are very helpful for assignments and especially thesis and research papers. Another facility I find very useful are the services offered by the careers team. They organise job fairs, graduate fairs, mock interviews and assessments and CV writing workshops to prepare the students for future employment opportunities.

“I find this course very comprehensive”

I have always had an inclination towards the corporate world which is why after completing my law degree, which gave me a fair amount of knowledge about business laws, I decided to get a business related masters degree specialising in the creative field of marketing.

I chose the MSc Marketing program offered at Edinburgh Napier University because it is designed in such a way that students from all fields can take it up. I find this course very comprehensive as the range of modules offered in the course cover all aspects of marketing and the creative teaching style through interactive class discussions, presentations, documentaries and group activities appealed to me.

The assessment methods at Edinburgh Napier University are not restricted to the clichéd written examinations and report submissions. The focus is on making the assignments a learning process for the students which is why group assignments, class presentations, business simulations, mock meetings and so on are used for assessments.

Rupali talks student life at Edinburgh Napier

“It has been an experience of a lifetime”

Coming from a culturally rich country like India, I could immediately relate to Edinburgh as it is the epitome of Scotland's great culture, traditions and values. The city has a unique vibe to it as the centuries old castles and buildings co-exist beautifully with the modern architecture. I was pretty determined to travel around the highlands and the lochs, the grassy mountains, centuries old inns and bars. It has been an experience of a lifetime.

“I would like to launch a business venture of my own”

After I graduate I plan to get some work experience in the field of marketing and communications with a multi-national firm. Considering Edinburgh is quite a business and commercial hub, I am optimistic about finding job opportunities in this city. After few years when I have the required work experience and the investment, I would like to launch a business venture of my own in the field of marketing and become a successful entrepreneur.

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