Karnchanok Chiamsakul Testimonial

Our international student talks about their experience of studying at Edinburgh Napier.

Karnchanok Chiamsakul - MSc International Festival and Event Management

Theoretical and practical knowledge is taught in a well-structured and balanced manner.

I am doing a full-time master degree in MSc International Event and Festival Management.  The course offers a broad range of skills pertaining to global events and festivals industry. Modules taught are, for example, International business event management, Business skills for event management, International festival and event management and Experience design and management. Theoretical and practical knowledge is taught in a well-structured and balanced manner, which has so far helped me to acquire valuable skill sets such as business, marketing, presentation and communication. 

I chose Edinburgh Napier University over other Universities (I applied to four other universities and got accepted at all) because firstly, I want to be in a city that is well known for festivals and events. Undoubtedly, Edinburgh is on top of the list. Secondly, the university offers a comprehensive online tools to help you with many aspects of enrolling. For example, there was a forum/chat session for international students to ask questions to the university. That has helped me to gain further knowledge about the university, the course and the city I would be coming to live in a few more months. Also, plenty of information about university and life in Edinburgh are always at the click of the button. Lastly, the offer and matriculation processes were done in a quick manner and I was kept in touch throughout the process. 

I like that there is a good mix of international students at the University. I have broadened my connection with friends from over 10 counties from the university.  

Although the weather in Edinburgh was cold when I first arrived, the people here are very gentle and warm hearted. You can seek help and ask things from pretty much any one on street and they will not hesitate to assist you.