MSc/PgDip/PgCert Blended and Online Education case studies

International student support provision

One of our students who was completely new to technology supported teaching and learning when joining the MSc BOE taught Business English and manages the Language School at a small private business school in France.

Her work on the MSc BOE over the first and the second module, has included a reflective blog and a group work project that critically reviewed the Msc BOE's own online induction provision for students. These she has presented to colleagues, and has subsequently been charged with convening the first senior management meeting that explores the use of technology to improve support provision for the institution’s mainly international student cohort.

Promotional DVD

For his Individual Project in the second core module an MSc BOE student opted to develop a DVD for secondary school leavers interested in web design and animation as a promotional resource. This has since been distributed to all the region’s schools after favourable feedback from education professionals.

Based on his dissemination activities related to technology enhanced teaching and learning including a publication in a major academic journal while on the MSc BOE, he was invited to join his institution’s LTA committee and academic board. 

Teacher Training in Sub-Saharan Africa

One of our MSc BOE students looked at the use of, and efficacy of, using mobile phone technology to support teacher education in sub-Saharan Africa. Due to lack of infrastructure and reliable broadband connections, mobile phones are the primary and most reliable method for Africans to access the internet. The learning technology was supported by a Nokia-developed platform, which allowed for transfer of data over low bandwidths.