Contemporary Selling Process

Our short CPD course introduces the key models and concepts of the contemporary selling process. It evaluates and appraises the role of selling today, how businesses find customers, and how salespeople and selling organisations prepare for sales meetings.

Distance Learning StudentYou will learn:

  • How to deliver and communicate an effective sales message and covers in some depth the buyer-seller meeting
  • The notion of a win-win outcome to a buyer-seller engagement and how to close a meeting professionally and/ or advance a sale
  • The follow up required by effective sales people after a buyer-seller meeting, what should be done and why it is important
  • How to put into practice key selling skills including effective questioning and active listening.

As part of this course, you will also have the opportunity to undertake a mini case study and reflective work pertinent to your current or previous sales/ selling role and company and industry sector and/ or to the company/ industry sector to which you belong/ belonged.

Assessment: You will be assessed via two elements that make up one component: MCQs and a piece of written work, a Report.

Course Contents

  • The role of selling today
  • Finding customers
  • Sales call planning
  • Communicating the sales message
  • Win-win solutions
  • Sales skills activity
  • Closing & Advancing the Sale
  • The Follow Up
  • Effective selling skills
  • Reflective exercise