Karalisa shared her experience of studying online with us.

Karalisa Joseph, MSc Business Management with Finance

Why did you decide to study at Edinburgh Napier?

This was not my first online course, so I do it because of the availability. It's easier to do an online course rather than moving to another country, because it's more cost-effective for me. The reason why I chose Edinburgh Napier is because there was interface - somebody from Southpoint came to my country and they actually had a meeting with us and they spoke to us about it and I was impressed with that.

What did you love about your course?

My favourite part of my course would probably be the challenge. Any course that I do, I expect for it to challenge me somewhat, I don't want it to be smooth sailing and easy all the way. I like the fact that some of my courses had a challenge.

What impact has the course had on you and your employment prospects?

The impact that it had on me, it helped me to think more critically. I realise that my in past online course and my present online course my vocabulary and my thinking has developed so much more.

Based on your experience, what one tip would you give to other students for successful studying online?

First thing you must prioritise, because if you do not set time apart for your online course you are going to fail terribly. You need to know exactly how badly you want to do this and how much time you need to put into it, so if you prioritise properly then you will be able to succeed at your course.

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