Key Account Management

Our CPD course introduces the key models and concepts of Key Account Management (KAM), the challenges to and benefits of this approach.

 Human resources recruitment materials. Cecilia Mueller and Jessica Sachse form the marketing team are portraying various staff interaction scenarios It evaluates and appraises the relationship stages involved and the buyer’s perspective. It evaluates and appraises KAM profitability. It considers planning for the introduction of KAM within the organisation and how to make KAM happen and work in an effective way for the selling organisation.

During the course you will have the opportunity of undertaking a mini case study and undertake a piece of reflective work pertinent to your current or previous sales/ selling role and company and industry sector and/ or to the company/ industry sector to which you belongs/ belonged. You will be assessed via two elements that make up one component: MCQs and a piece of written work, a Report.

Course Contents

  • The role of KAM & customer categorisation
  • KAM relationship stages and KAM development
  • KAM from the buyer’s perspective
  • KAM profitability
  • Planning for KAM
  • Sales skills activity
  • Making KAM happen
  • Performance and rewards in KAM
  • Organising for and transitioning to KAM
  • Reflective exercise