Norman Ncube, BA Business & Enterprise

Why did you decide to study at Edinburgh Napier?

I did my research and most of the Universities didn't have much recognition, but the way this course was structured and how it considered your prior experience and qualifications it was a perfect match. Most other universities are now beginning to catch up on that, but then it was hard to get somewhere that could give me that level of what I wanted.

What did you love about your course?

What I loved was how practical it is, especially with the modules. In nearly every module I would study a company which is existing, I could go talk to the managers, talk to the owners. It gives that insight whereby you can marry the theory and the practical because you can take the theory and show how it actually applies in the real world.

What impact has the course had on you and your employment prospects?

I think it has helped a lot, I was doing a secondment and I got the job, so before I even got the certificate it is already paid off for me.

Based on your experience, what one tip would you give to other students for successful studying online?

It's an interesting course but you really have to work hard. I know a couple of times where I had to leave the office at two or three in the morning just to try and get the course done. It's interesting, it's challenging, but you also have to put in the effort if you are to benefit from it.

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