Relationship Selling and Customer Value

Our CPD course introduces the key models and concepts of relationship selling. It evaluates and appraises what professional selling is and means and the importance of the relationship between the buyer and the seller.
 Student working at home...Modelled by MSc Marketing and Events Management student Casandra Alvarez. You will learn how to evaluate and appraise how value is both created and mobilised within the organisation, between both buyer and seller. In addition the importance of CRM technology in sales and the emergence of digital marketing and social selling are explored. 

Finally trust in ethical selling is evaluates and appraises together with important cultural challenges.

Course contents

  • Professional selling
  • Buyer and seller relationships
  • Creating Value
  • Mobilising Value
  • CRM technology in sales
  • Sales skills activity
  • Digital marketing and social selling
  • Ethical issues in relationship selling
  • Cultural challenges in relationship selling
  • Reflective exercise