Funding and scholarships

Information about funding your studies using loans, scholarships and bursaries.

This page will cover: 

Getting a loan

If you’re from the UK or EU, you can apply for a government loan towards your tuition and living costs from your local funding body, who will assess how much you’re eligible to borrow. This can depend on a number of factors, including the course you’re studying, so make sure to check your course page for this information.
Here are the different funding bodies you can apply to, with the maximum amount you’ll be able to borrow. 

Students Award Agency for Scotland (SAAS)
applicable for EU students
Up to £10,000 
Student Finance England  Up to £10,609
Student Finance Wales  Up to £13,000 
Student Finance Northern Ireland  Up to £5,500

Loan payment 

When and how often your loan will be paid to you varies between different funding bodies. It is most common for your loan to be paid to you in three equal instalments throughout the year.


You’ll pay back your loan as a percentage of your income once your salary is high enough. The amount you need to earn to start repaying your loan varies depending on the funding body you borrow from. Your loan repayments will then start to come off your paycheck as you earn, same as an undergraduate loan. If you earn a high enough salary immediately, the payments will start the April after you graduate.

If you're an international student 

Scholarships & bursaries 

There are also some specific scholarships available to international students. You can search if any of them are relevant to you here

Paying your fees

Instructions on how to pay your tuition fees.

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