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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a Confirmation of Acceptance of Study (CAS)?

Any student applying for a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK will require a CAS number. Get more information on CAS and our most frequently asked questions about it.

How do I apply for university accommodation?

Applications open at the start of May each year and you must have firmly accepted your unconditional offer before you can apply for accommodation. For more information about accommodation, please visit our accommodation webpages or you can contact the Student Accommodation team.

What is matriculation and how will it work? 

Matriculation is the formal process of entering the university. You will receive a welcome and induction pack via e-mail typically four weeks prior to the start date of your course which will provide you with all the required details for beginning your course. Matriculation takes place online but some applicants will be required to attend the Finance and Immigration checks (if applicable) in person. If this applies to you, it will be identified in the matriculation and induction emails you receive. For distance learning students, the matriculation process is fully online.

When will my induction be? 

Your induction will introduce you to your course. Course induction sessions take place in the first few weeks of the term. Full-time and part-time on campus students will be required to attend an induction session with your Programme Leader. This will typically be held on the first day of the programme. At your induction you will meet with the other students on your course, be given your course details, materials and your timetable.

When will I get my timetable?

Timetables do not usually become available until shortly before the matriculation and induction week. For some courses, the timetable will not become available until week one. You may be able to request a copy of a previous academic year timetable from your School Office to gauge the likely class times for your programme for the new academic year.

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