MSc Publishing graduate, Grace Balfour-Harle, discusses how a Masters degree at Edinburgh Napier helped them land their dream career at The Beano.
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Tell us a bit about yourself? 

I grew up in Glasgow and then at University I studied English & Legal studies in Aberdeen. I then applied for a Masters in Publishing at Edinburgh Napier. I chose to study here because it was based in Edinburgh and there were better connections with publishers in Scotland. Edinburgh is the hub of publishing, it’s immortalised in the bones of the city. There’s even a writer’s museum, where you can absorb this literary history in person.  

What were you doing before your Masters? 

I did a year abroad before coming back to study. I also had some work experience in magazines and things like that. I produced one for The Press and Journal in Aberdeen, and I also did some work at the Gaudi.

What did you enjoy most about your Masters? 

We took part in a magazine project where everyone produced a spread, which is the bit I was super excited about. We learned about lay downs and style guides and things like that, but also how editors look at stories and develop them, make them better and follow a narrative so it’s logical, it was really interesting.

What Opportunities did a Masters open for you? 

After I graduated and before I had my interview with The Beano; I spoke to my lecturer and got some interview help, and the career services were really helpful for my CV and cover letter. Just looking through it and saying I would do it this way, remembering to think about certain things; It was very helpful. 

You also create a network and links with the current industry. One of my placements opportunities came from an event, where I was able to chat to someone. Having the ability to connect with somebody in the industry, that kind of link was fantastic.

It's like before you make an investment, you want somebody to be able to say it’s worth it. I’m on the other side, it’s a really good course, I found it helpful, it gives you a good basis.

Grace Balfour-Harle

Content Producer, The Beano